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Cityfilter is a technology company providing various range of solutions in air purification. The company is specialized in making devices for cleaning outdoor and indoor environment pollution related to breathing. The goal of the company is to purify and provide fresh air to the world by its innovative solutions and contributing in sustainable development for a better future.

A low cost compact mobile outdoor air purifier which is designed to tackle air pollution in cities. This purifier is designed in such a way that it can be fitted in any vehicle like Car, Bus, Motorbike, truck. This purifier can reduce pollutants from air like dust, fume, mist, microbes and particulate matters. It gets power from vehicle’s power source. It sucks air from the surrounding of vehicle and purifies it with the help of filters in it. This purifier is equipped with multilayer air filters, sensors and self-cleaning mechanism.


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At CityFilters you’ll find us fusing science with industrial design while developing prototypes and writing code at any given moment.

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Rahul Singh

cityfilters Rahul Singh is currently helming CityFilters India, the startup is committed to refine air of cities with its innovative products. CityFilters is based out of Delhi and chosen Delhi as target region to make air pollution free. It is one of the companies with strongest commitment against outdoor air pollution. CityFilters is a team of four members with different expertise in their fields. As the Chief Technology Officer, he is also responsible for development of new products to handle air pollution problem of cities in mass. Currently CityFilters has three patentable product in pipeline to launch in to the market. First product is getting overwhelming response from public that can convert your vehicle into a mobile air purifier. IP for this product is also secured. Since inception he has taken Cityfilter to various national events and got recognition from dignitaries. The vision of company is to make Delhi air pollution free by 2023 followed by other cities.

Rahul Singh brings more than 10 years of experience to the business as he held many positions covering various Clients like MITSUI, RBS, CITI BANK, SAPIENT, LG ELECTRONICS, WIPRO, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Currently responsible for CityFilters to deliver a solid and consistent financial performance.

A graduate of Electronics and Communication technologies, Rahul started his career in Eastern Software systems as a software engineer with Oracle database expertise in finance domain. Later he gained expertise of various domains like BFSI, Consumer Electronics, Life Science, Data warehousing. He started off as a trainee next as Sr. Software Engineer in Wipro and finally Team Lead expertise Oracle Database Technologies

He possesses a strong technical and leadership record and has a deep understanding of the consumer and business landscape.


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